“For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for nature and art. At the age of 6, I was bedridden for a year. Unable to do much of anything else, I entertained myself with books and drawing. When the time came to finally get up and go outside in nature again, it was pure joy.

Even though I loved art and drawing as a child, it wasn’t until the age of 30 that I started painting. I took an oil painting class and have been painting off and on ever since, taking classes and workshops along the way. One of my favorite teachers was Graham Ingles, renowned illustrator and historical painter. I was privileged to be accepted as a student in the late 1980’s. He helped me to bring life and depth to my paintings through the keen observation of color and light.

I also took classes at the Metropolitan Museum and Art Center in North Miami with instructor Dave Herbert. In 1978 I began doing small art festivals, soon being accepted in larger, more prestigious festivals such as Coconut Grove and Winter Park. For 20 years I taught classes and gave workshops and demonstrations. I exhibit my work in galleries and museums throughout the state, as well as a few art festivals. The United States Air Force commissioned me to do a painting to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of “Camp Pinchot” at Eglin Air Force Base. The painting is in their permanent collection.

Although I have worked with a variety of mediums such as pastels, watercolors, and acrylics, I prefer oils for their richness of color and texture. I also feel that oils are the most elegant medium to express the lushness and beauty of the landscape.

In my frequent trips throughout Florida, I search for remote, undisturbed areas. These trips to the wild provide the inspiration for my paintings and have given me many wonderful, exciting experiences. Being one with nature refreshes and restores me and hopefully that is reflected in my work. My paintings preserve a moment in time that is transitory and fragile.

I hope my paintings will evoke a cherished memory with the viewer or create a new appreciation of Florida’s disappearing natural beauty” – Dorothy Starbuck

Original Oils

Royal Poinciana 24 x 36(SOLD)

Giclée Prints