Dorothy’s work selected for James Snyder’s latest book

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 A Trip Down the Loxahatchee by James Snyder…..available on Amazon for $39.95. {Hard Cover}

Mr. Snyder picked Dorothy’s painting “Marsh Time 1” to feature inside his new book. The author felt the painting represented the perfect vision of the river and added that he just loved it !

Certainly artist have been capturing the amazing Loxahatchee River on canvas with paint or on paper with charcoal and pen & ink for two centuries or more. This grandiose magnificent stately river in southeastern Florida originates at Riverbend Park and flows through the Arthur R. Marshall National Wildlife Refuge. The river is one of only 2 in the state to receive Federal Designation as a National Wild & Scenic River.

Mr. Snyder’s latest book will take you floating from the head waters on  “A Trip Down the Loxahatchee” passing the historic Trapper Nelson’s legendary camp, and Jonathan Dickinson State Park. Finally into Jupiter Inlet and it’s famous lighthouse and out into the Atlantic Ocean.

The image on this post is by artist Jackie Brice’s. See the painting “Marsh Time 1” on the Print Page with “Marsh Time 2”; prints are available  (Both Originals Sold)